My FIDA Experience: A 3 day workshop on basic make-up!

by nikkitabella14


Fashion Institute of Design & Arts, Davao held a 3 day workshop on basic make-up artistry last March 2010. I was one of the ones who attended. Simply because I wanted to learn about the art of make-up. Aside from that, I was even more excited to learn that Davao had indeed finally put up a fashion school. I travelled all the way from General Santos City to Davao. As I entered FIDA, I was greeted by the receptionist with a warm smile. I looked around and my first thought was “Wow! It’s so pretty in here!” The walls were White and Purple, with glass doors, and dainty interiors. It was truly inviting! She pointed to a glass sliding door that led us to a huge purple room with white dressers that had light bulbs surrounding the mirrors. In each of our dresser, there was a pack of brushes and materials given for free  to be used later on. I brought my own set of 24 pieces of brushes and make-up as well.

The class was headed by Chief Make-up Artist Archibald Tolentino. We began our class with an Introduction of course. Archie is Chief make-up artist of Maybelline Philippines. He has been in the industry for years and has earned a reputable name and career. On a table beside him, he had a number of kits containing all the cosmetics you could find (as in everything!).

On our first day, we began our discussion with THE BASICS: Skin Care 101. What we needed to know that most of us don’t really know and never even knew. As eager as a student, I listened carefully and took down notes. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Why should we care about the face? Because our face is the most exposed body part other than the hand. When we walk outside, the face is exposed to all kinds of toxics such as pollution and the sun’s harmful UV rays. Even just by putting make-up our face absorbs all those chemicals. Fact is- the face is the most sensitive part of the body. We must always make an effort to keep it clean and hydrated.

Here are some basic steps to keep your face in its natural and healthy glow:

1. Wash – wash with mild soap and cold water(cold water closes the pores and prevents dirt from entering)

2. Tone – tone with an astringent right for your skin type (oily, dry and combination skin)

3. Moisturize – find a moisturizer that has an SPF that works for you. I normally use this moisturizer as it best suits my skin type Nivea Sparkling White Whitening Day Care Age Control

TRIVIA ALERT: In Japan, we wonder why even at age 40 they still have that beautiful skin. Here’s why: as early as the age of 16, they start applying anti-aging moisturizers on their face and are very religious about it. As they age, their skin becomes susceptible to it. Normally, at age 25 our skin starts to age and that’s when we supposedly apply anti-aging moisturizers. But, it would be smart enough to start as early as you can!

Now moving on,  before putting on cosmetics you need to keep in mind that you should always start with a clean canvass. Given: the face is the canvass and you are the painter. Painting on a used canvass is not only unhygienic but also results to a sloppy and negative effect.

So, once you follow those 3 basic steps, you are now ready to glam up! Here are some make-up essentials you need to invest in:

4. Primer – set your skin with primer. It is the secret to a flawless finish because primer covers your pores and makes it even. I like using Revlon’s Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer 

5. Concealer – hide those blemishes and under eye circles. Use one shade lighter than your natural color. I use a palette from Doll face 15 pc concealer palette

6. Foundation – creates the flawless finish that adds to the glow. I’m a Revlon girl so I use Revlon Photo Ready Foundation

These are pre make-up essentials you need to have in your kit. It is very important that you apply these before putting on powder (pressed or loose) and anything else. You will see that right after you have followed these steps, you will have a plump and fresh skin giving its natural glow. You will also notice that your make-up will not cake and you will find your make-up staying on for a longer period.

My recommendations are simply my personal choices. You can always opt for something different. There’s a huge variety of cosmetic brands out in the market that you can choose from. You can also go over the counter in any drug store and get inexpensive cosmetics just as you know that they work for you.

I can’t wait for yet another class or workshop! Forgive my busy schedule, I hope to join FIDA soon!   


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