My Gerardo’s Culinary Experience: Batch 11

by nikkitabella14

As part of Batch 11, I take pride in being part of Gerardo’s School of Culinary Arts, General Santos City. It has gained recognition over the years. Just a bungalow structure, silently drawing attention to it’s excellence of service. As the saying goes, “Small but terrible!” Who would have known that a culinary school existed in GenSan? It’s profound ability to generate professional chefs is now recognized in the local industry as well as abroad. Word  has spread like wild fire! Contagious as it is, almost everyone has experienced it. Professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, Businessmen and whoever they may be has indeed endured the nearly 3 month intensive fast track culinary sessions led by husband and wife Chefs Gerardo and Faith Arbis.

Our class consisted of 18 students all from the age range of 19-50+ . Some working, some have established businesses, some students and some just bums (excuse my term)- either thirsty to feed their interests, thirsty to work abroad or thirsty for a calling. Our mentors were wise beyond their age, strict when it came down to business but also friendly and accommodating.

Everyday was a challenge! There was to learn something new. Tests were given almost every day and if not, we would be in the kitchen dirtying ourselves with all those ingredients. We would laugh our hearts out, exchange recipes, memorize recipes, cook and quiver when our plates were off for judgment. There were off days and on days just like any other. We would scramble like rats when Chef would scream just as a tiger would in his kingdom if anything went wrong–  “Hell’s Kitchen” we thought to ourselves, and by that I mean Chef Gordon Ramsey’s style of training!  We knew that Chef Gerry meant the best for us. There were no excuses acceptable in his kitchen as you could only say “Yes,Chef!”

I, being a complete idiot in the kitchen, was now cooking different cuisines and have even gained positive feedbacks in one of our on-the-spot challenges : To make a five star dish out of a Scald fish.

Here it is, this is my creation which I call:

Scald Fish in Olive Oil a la Baccalau


Thank you very much. I’m actually quite happy about it as I never (not even in my wildest dreams) expected that I was capable of creating such a dish. I swear it is absolutely not the best in the world- but a positive feedback from Chef Gerry is a trophy to me!

All these priceless memories are kept a worthwhile experience which I will forever hold dear. I’d like to share with you some my photos with my fellow kitchen comrades.




I hope that you too will find that hidden talent and develop it just as I have. You will never know what your good at unless you try it. Once you find your passion, develop your skills, work hard and you can achieve whatever it is that you want for your life.


Last May was our annual graduation… fellow student Chefs from different batches were there as we all celebrated and exchanged our caps for an official chef’s toque.

Here’s to everyone who graduated! Cheers to us! May we continue to live up to the code of professionalism and exemplify quality service and excellence!


For more info please visit GERARDO’S SCHOOL OF CULINARY ARTS