Written Communications That Inform and Influence

by nikkitabella14

I found this book very helpful in regards to hammering the right skills to produce an effective written communication.

In a classic article on writing, Betty Sue Flowers identifies four distinct periods or stages in the writing process:

1. The ‘Madman’ brain-storms – this is where all your creative juices flow by scribbling and doodling, you allow your mental powers to use its full ability to think creatively without judgement.

2. The ‘Architect’ organizes relevant ideas into an outline. – In this mode, you start organizing ideas, linking words, phrases, sentences wherever you think they best fit to create a sensible idea.

3. The ‘Carpenter’ adds structure in the form of sentences. -generally after organizing, you begin to form the smaller parts/ideas that support your main idea to elaborate more.

4.The ‘Judge’ rules on grammar and style. – this is where editing comes in. You correct and polish the writing to make it more attractive to the eyes of your reader.

I highly recommend this book to Managers, Writers, Editors, Bloggers.

Buy this book: http://www.amazon.com/Written-Communications-Influence-Results-Driven-Manager/dp/1422103226